Life Science Informatics


Please include the following acknowledgment for any research that utilized UAF Life Science Informatics resources that you publish:

"UAF Life Science Informatics as a core research resource is supported by Grant Number RR016466 from the National Center for Research Resources (NCRR), a component of the National Institutes of Health (NIH)."

Computational Portal and GenePattern Server

The Life Science InformaticsComputational Portal and GenePattern server are both powered by the same IBM cluster that has the equivalent of 328 CPU cores, a total of 1.3 TeraBytes of memory and is running on 25 TeraBytes of disk space.

Secure File Share Service

The Life Science Informatics Secure File Share Service is powered by an 8 CPU core system with 8 GigaBytes of memory and over 16 TeraBytes of disk space.

Computational Login Cluster

The Life Science Informatics Computational Login Cluster is comprised of a 16 CPU core head node that has 64 GigaBytes of memory, one file service node with 2 CPU cores and 8 GigaBytes of memory serving 10 TeraBytes of disk space to 2 compute nodes that provide 32 CPU cores and a total of 128 GigaBytes of memory.

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